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Please comment below if you are using! The more comments and downloads the more free printables I create!

Erin Condren Verticals
Erin Condren Horizontals
Happy Planner Classics
Happy Planner Bigs
Happy Planner Minis

EC Vertical Download PDF file [here]
EC Horizontal Download PDF file [here]
HP Classic Download PDF file [here]
HP Big Download PDF file [here]
HP Mini Download PDF file [here]

Best to print on white sticker paper. I purchase mine from [here]
"Standard White Matte OL177WX (Laser and Inkjet)"

1. Download the file and open in a PDF viewer. You can download the Adobe Reader free if you do not have a PDF viewer already installed on your computer.
2. Select print from the menu and find your printer.
3. Print on Letter size(8.5x11) and select "without a border" and "Actual Size"
4. Paper Orientation should be set to "portrait"
5. Print on either sticker paper or plain paper. If you print on plain paper, you can make it sticky with glue, a tape runner, or a xyron machine. I get my sticker paper from www.onlinelabels.com
6. Cut by hand with scissors/x-acto blade

Join the HP Insta Ink Program!
Click on my referral code [here] to receive 1 free month , and that's on top of the first 3 months you already get free for joining! What are you waiting for?! Pay much less and never run out of ink again!

All images used in my free printables are found in google search and then cropped to fit the size needed. I do not own any of the rights to the images used. These are intended for personal use only! You can not sell and/or redistribute them as your own as that is copyright infringement!!

Please comment below if you are using! The more comments and downloads the more free printables I create!

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  1. Adorable, I absolutely love it!

  2. So cute! I downloaded the EC vertical!

  3. I DL for the mini an also for my tn

  4. I love these designs! I cannot wait to use them! Thank you!

  5. We love these please keep them coming

  6. Thank you.. this is so cute.. still trying to DL.. will have to try on my comp. instead of my phone.

  7. I love this!! Please make more from the 80's. Thank you!